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Type of work

I am available for any of these types of jobs:

  • single panel cartoons
  • multi-panel comic strips
  • political/social commentary
  • caricature
  • poster design
  • web gif-animations
  • web design
  • newspaper/flyer ads

Commissioned work

To Start, the idea is created by one of three methods...

  1. Draw a cartoon from an idea suggested by the editor
  2. Create the idea and the drawing from the story itself, faxed, e-mailed or described over the phone to me by the editor.
  3. Create an idea myself from a topic suggested by the editor based upon my own knowledge or research.

From roughs to artwork:

I then fax or e-mail 2-3 rough sketches of different ideas. Upon your approval of one I e-mail or postal mail finished artwork.

Turn-around time:

Normal turnaround for commissioned cartoons is "3 Business Days". Where there is a requirement for turnaround times of less than "3 Business Days" the turnaround and the rate is negotiated based on the specific request.

Stock cartoons

I also make available my stock of cartoons on a variety of subjects in the "Clients Area" of my website. Allowing those interested to peruse at their leisure without obligation. A free password is available upon request.


Cartoons are usually pen and ink drawings which can also be rendered in grey tone or full colour.


Whether work is commissioned or you're purchasing one of my in-stock cartoons payment is by cheque. Sorry, I am not set up to handle credit cards. I can invoice you, if you wish. Payment may be in US, Canadian or whatever the funds from the country in which you reside.