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Rate sheet

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Type of work Media Rights Price
single panel cartoon Black&White ink one-time $10-$25
single panel cartoon Black&White ink first $50-$100
single panel cartoon Colour one-time $35-$50
single panel cartoon Colour first $75-$100
comic strip 3-panel black & white ink first $75
comic strip 3-panel colour first $100
in-stock cartoons Black&White ink one-time $10-$25
Or, try my...

Cost Estimator

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I've created this "Cost Estimator" to give you an approximate idea of what a cartoon may cost you. It's an automated system which goes through the same process I would use if I spoke to you personally. But it is only an approximation, unlike this program... I'm flexible. Please don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas.

When you press "Estimate Buttom" a window will open with the price

A:Will you supply the idea for the cartoon/drawing, or do you want me to write it?

We'll send you the idea Please, create the idea for us

B:Would you like cartoon in colour?

Yes No

C:Is the cartoon you wish to buy one you've seen on my website?

Yes No

D:What rights do you want?

E:What will be size will drawing when it appears in print?

HeightWidth (in inches)

F:Type of cartoon?

G:How will cartoon be used?

H:Did you want a continuous feature or a single cartoon?

Feature Single cartoon

I:Describe yourself. Are you...