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Please Note: If you already have a set rate of payment for cartoons differing from these prices, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Prices vary according to the rights you are purchasing. If you don't require First Rights, let me know as the price will be less than shown. Prices are for black & white line art. To colour the cartoon add $25. Any alterations required are free.

I also give reduced prices, if you're purchasing a large quantity, or if the cartoons are purchased on a regular monthly or weekly basis.

Meaning of Rights sold

First rights: It has not been previously published prior to your use. I may sell it elsewhere after you publish it.

One-time rights: the right to publish cartoon once. Cartoon may or may not have been previously published.

Second/Reprint rights: the cartoon has been previously published.

Industry rights: the right to publish cartoon first within your industry group. I guarantee not to sell the cartoon to any markets within your industry group (or any markets you specify), but reserve the right to sell to other markets.

All rights: You own the cartoon outright. Price negotiated on case-to-case basis.

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